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Chisel & Star Tines - 7

Groundsman Chisel Tines are a drop forging of high tensile steel which give them unbeatable strength and wear resistance. These are available in widths of 25mm (1”) and 30mm (1 ¼”). Both can be supplied in standard or long length. Star Tines were developed as a form of spiking but with less soil displacement. In theory, the wall of the hole is subjected to less pressure and compaction with more surface area to absorb the nutrients.

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Cluster Heads & Mounts - 8

Cluster Tines are available in eight or ten groupings of Needle or Micro Hollow Tines. The hollow is excellent for thatch removal over‐seed preparation to about 20mm ¾” maximum depth. The needle will prick the surface to about 40mm (1 1/2”) depending on density like a vertical action sorrel roller. These disposable heads are available for attachment to the machine using a Cluster Mounting Flange available for Spigot Clamp (SC) or Draw Bolt (DB) mount.

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Side Discharge Tines - 5

Side Discharge Hollow Tines are manufactured from high tensile hardened and tempered steel. The core with this type of tine is ejected out a slot in the side of the tine and this manufacturing process makes this tine more expensive. The advantages are its thickerwall gives it better wear resistance and it is less prone to clogging especially in the smaller core sizes. Groundsman supply these tines for 8mm (5/16”) 10mm (3/8”) 13mm (½”) 16mm (5/8”) and 19mm (3/4”jumbo). One standard length is available.

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Solid & Needle Tines - 6

Solid and Needle Tines are manufactured from high tensile steel which is hardened then tempered just enough to relieve any brittleness to achieve the maximum wear qualities. The taper on the working diameter is designed to minimise exit suction and thereby surface lifting.

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Tine Holders - 9

Groundsman developed the Spigot Clamp type of mounting for a quick and secure attachment of Tine Holders to the HD (heavy duty) range of Turf Aerator machines including Tractor Mounting. This type of Tine Holder is available for mounting the following number of Tines in each Holder; two (Twin Holder) three (Triple Holder) four (Quad Holder) five (Quint Holder). A range of sockets is available depending on the holder. A socket is the hole into which the Tine is clamped. The Draw Bolt is the type of mounting required to attach the Tine Holders in the Medium Duty Turf Aerator model 345 MD. These are available in Twin and Triple Holders only. A range of socket sizes is available.

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Tubular Tines - 4

Tubular Hollow Tines consist of taper‐bore case hardened tubular steel. The core is ejected out the top of this tine. Groundsman supply these tines for 13mm ( ½”) 16mm (5/8”) and 19mm (3/4” jumbo) coring. They are available in standard and long length.

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