Groundsman Industries

Twin Tine Holder

Generally used with the larger tines i.e. ¾" 5/8" or ½" where the wider hole spacing is desirable. Twin holders are also useful to achieve maximum depth where conditions are very hard and compacted. The choice of tine would depend on the severity of the compaction, i.e. the finer the tine the easier it would be to achieve full penetration. Twin holders are available in all four-socket sizes including the recently introduced 7/8" sck. for Jumbo Hollow Tines.

Spigot Clamp no.   : SC212, SC258, SC234, SC278

Draw Bolt no.         : DB212, DB258, DB234, DB278

Socket Size           : 1/2"   5/8"   3/4"   7/8"

Aeration Pattern     : 3" x 3" (Minimum Uniform)