Groundsman Industries

Triple Tine Holder

Normally used with the medium sized tines i.e. ½" or 7/16" although the smaller micro tines can be used where conditions are compacted or the pattern produced is desirable. The 1 ½" slit or 5/8" hollow and solid tines are generally not recommended for use in triples and certainly used only if conditions are soft and an exceptionally large amount of soil is to be removed or disturbed. This holder is available in three socket sizes therefore all tines except 7/8" socket jumbos will fit.

Spigot Clamp no.   : SC312, SC358, SC334

Draw Bolt no.         : DB312, DB358, DB334

Socket Size           : 1/2"   5/8"   3/4" 

Aeration Pattern     : 2" x 2" (Minimum Uniform)